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Watch Repair

Pricing may vary for certain brands, luxury, and/or vintage watches

Service Price
About our: Watch Repair Services
Battery Replacement (includes pressure test) $51.00
Clean & Overhaul - Quartz Movement Estimate
Clean & Overhaul - Mechanical Movement Estimate
Crystal Replacement Estimate
Sapphire Crystal Replacement Estimate
Stem & Crown Estimate
Band & Case Refinishing $99.00
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Ring Sizing

Service Price
About our: Ring Repair Services
Ring Size Down (Up to 3 sizes) $50.00
Ring Size Up (Up to 3 sizes) $50.00
Ring Sizing Beads (Stabilizing) $50.00
Ring Sizing Spring Shank $50.00
Arthritic Shank Estimate
Quarter Shank up to 5mm $100.00
Half Shank up to 5mm $120.00
Full Shank up to 5mm $190.00

Jewelry Repair

Service Price
About our: Necklace Repair Services
Solder 2 Rings Together (Top or Bottom) $25.00
Solder 2 Rings Together (Top and Bottom) $50.00
Prong Re-tipping (per tip) $10.00
Rebuild / Replace Prong (each) $50.00
Set Stones (each) $15.00
Solder / Fix break in Ring or Chain Estimate
Replace Head & Set Stone Estimate
Replace Earring(s) Posts or Backs $100.00
Change Earrings(s) to Screw Posts & Backs $130.00
Tighten Loose Stone with repair Estimate
Pearl Restringing (Knotted or Unknotted Per Inch) $5.00
Stone Replacement Estimate
Other Miscellaneous Work Estimate

Make my Jewelry Look Brand New!

Includes: tightening stones, cleaning, polish, gold plating, rhodium, antique, pin plating, satin finish, florentine finish

Service Price
Clean & Polish (includes stone tightening and rhodium plating) $50.00

Other Services

Service Price
Engraving Inside Ring $29.00
Engraving Flat Surface $35.00
Engraving Watch Caseback $65.00